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2449 Main St.
Brewster, MA 02631

Chillingsworth restaurant Cape Cod, MA
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Chillingsworth, housed in the 300 year-old Chillingsworth Foster Estate, has been among the Cape's premier restaurants for more than thirty five years. Beautifully situated on six acres of lawns and gardens, the Brewster restaurant offers diners a choice between their formal dining room, where chef/owner Nitzi Rabin creates elegant, multi-course tasting menus, or the more casual Chills Bistro, where diners can enjoy a la carte menu or three-course prix fixe in a relaxed greenhouse and gallery setting or comfortable bar/lounge.

Housed in a graceful Colonial home, beautifully appointed with of-the-era antiques, Chillingsworth has remained one of the highest-ranking restaurants on the Cape, and is considered by many to be one of the highest ranked restaurants in New England.

News and Events at Chillingsworth restaurant

Summer Kick-Off at Chillingsworth
As is their annual tradition, the folks at Chillingsworth begin the season with their Solstice Tasting Dinner

Bottoms Up for Beaujolais
Beaujolais Day only comes once a year and Chillingsworth is pulling out all stops for a full French feast on ...

Open Season at Chillingsworth
Unleash your inner outdoorsman at Chillingsworth's annual Game Dinner on Saturday, October 25th.



by Chef Robert Rabin

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