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The Basics: Blackfish restaurant information


17 Truro Center Road
Truro, MA 02666

Blackfish restaurant Cape Cod, MA
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With its unobtrusive shingled exterior (it blends with the Cape landscape so seamlessly) Blackfish restaurant might be easy to miss - but this restaurant is worth seeking out - it's considered one of the lower Cape's best kept secrets. From its comfortable perch in the quaint, rural community of Truro, the restaurant has been quietly gaining a loyal following since its 2007 opening.

Exposed brick walls and rustic decorative touches give the intimate dining room a casual feel, while copper-topped tables and wrought accents add an air of sophistication. The menu (bursting with all sorts of local, seasonal goodness in summer and full of exotic game during the fall) showcases the refined culinary sensibilities at work in the kitchen.

News and Events at Blackfish restaurant

Crushing It at Crush Pad
Fans of Truro’s Blackfish, take note: chef-owner Eric Jansen has rolled out a fancy new food truck called Crush ...

Fifth Annual Cape Land And Sea Harvest
If you didn't spend enough quality time on the Cape over the summer, mark your calendars and plan a ...

Summer Dishes from Blackfish
Even with summer in full swing, Blackfish makes time to update their portfolio.


17 Truro Center Road, Truro, MA 02666

  • Sun-Sat: 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • phone 508-349-3399
  • reservations recommended
  • parking on-site lot
  • valet no
  • accessibility limited
  • capacity: 86
  • credit cards
  • food
  • chef
  • info


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